Cigar News: CAO Cigars Announces the BONES

If you are cigar enthusiast, you know that Dominoes (Bones) and Cigars go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. CAO Ambassador – Ricky Rodriguez – knows that too and he and the CAO blending team decided to create a new cigar called Bones. Announced this past month, the CAO Bones has blend described as: Wrapper Read more about Cigar News: CAO Cigars Announces the BONES[…]

Cigar Review: CAO Cigars Session Garage – Rated 87

Late last year, I was at the 10th Anniversary Tampa Cigar Bash. This is one of the best events in the state of Florida and draws a large crowd of cigar enthusiasts and brand owners alike. The party is always great as you get to meet and greet many of the names behind the cigars Read more about Cigar Review: CAO Cigars Session Garage – Rated 87[…]

CAO Zócalo

CAO Zócalo Cigar Review – Viva la Mexico

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting CAO Master Blender, Ricky Rodriguez at an event at my local  shop – Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge. By now you should have read the short article on Ricky and as promised, I will now review the new and limited CAO Zócalo . Before we get into Read more about CAO Zócalo Cigar Review – Viva la Mexico[…]

CAO Cigar Event with Ricky Rodriguez

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a CAO Cigars event at my local lounge – Executive Cigars Shop and Lounge in Melbourne, FL. The event was part of the shop’s monthly cigar meeting but featured CAO Master Blender, Ricky Rodriguez. Normally when I visit shops for events I tend to talk about Read more about CAO Cigar Event with Ricky Rodriguez[…]

CAO Amazon Basin 2016

CAO Amazon Basin 2017 Cigar Review

Back in January of this year, I introduced you to the Amazon Basin trilogy, a release of 3 Bragança tobacco blends from CAO Cigars. For those that may not be aware, Braganca tobacco is organically grown on unspoiled tropical land and harvested only once every three years. Besides the introduction to the trilogy, Stogie Press reviewed Read more about CAO Amazon Basin 2017 Cigar Review[…]

CAO Fuma em Corda

CAO Fuma em Corda Cigar Review

CAO Cigars is at it again, searching for some of the most unique tobaccos to craft their latest incarnation of the Amazon Basin series of cigars. The latest rendition brings us 3 different blends, collectively called the CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy. They were rolled out in three phases in 2017 and represent the what the company Read more about CAO Fuma em Corda Cigar Review[…]

CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event

CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event at Executive Cigar Lounge

My many family and friends know that when it comes to birthdays, Boston Jimmie celebrates the for the whole month of his birth – November. So this year, the last day of November, the last day I celebrate, Tony Nardone owner of Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge, hosted a CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy event. Tony Read more about CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event at Executive Cigar Lounge[…]

CAO V660 Carb Flathead

CAO Flathead V660 Carb Cigar Review – A New Age of Cigars

A couple of years ago,  CAO Cigars hit the market with a new and bold cigar known as the CAO Flathead. It was a kind of tribute to the muscle cars of years past. They are offered in 5 different vitolas, each named for a component of an internal combustion engine along with numbers that Read more about CAO Flathead V660 Carb Cigar Review – A New Age of Cigars[…]

CAO Pilon

CAO Pilón 5×52 Cigar Review

It was my last day in Detroit and I made a visit to Don Yeyo Cigars in Dearborn, Michigan. Arturo was working that day and just got in a new shipment of cigars. He asked me if I ever tried the CAO Pilón yet. I have heard of it but never smoked it. He said you Read more about CAO Pilón 5×52 Cigar Review[…]

Boutique Cigars: My Definition

When we were told our friends that Stogie Press was going to list the top 25 Boutique cigars of 2014 we had a lot discussion about what defines a boutique cigar. Is it a limited edition stick, one that is produced only once and never to be made again like a fine vintage wine that Read more about Boutique Cigars: My Definition[…]

CAO Columbia – Vallenato 5 x56 – Cigar Review

I have never been to Columbia, but if I do, I certainly want to experience cigars made from Ica Mazinga tobacco. CAO has released to the general public the CAO Columbia, the next stop on the CAO world adventure  Originally produced exclusively for Serious Cigars  several years ago, the CAO Columbia is now more widely available. CAO describes the Columbia as adventure into the Read more about CAO Columbia – Vallenato 5 x56 – Cigar Review[…]

The Beautiful Ladies of IPCPR 2014 Las Vegas

As promised here is a gallery of some of the hard working and beautiful ladies helping to promote some of your favorite brands direct from IPCPR 2014 Las Vegas. Stay Tuned to for more updates and of course reviews of the newestand best from the show.