Cigar News: CAO Cigars Announces the Return of the Mortal Coil

CAO Arcana Mortal Coil will soon be back by popular demand. The limited-edition cigar that features “Andullo,” the oldest tobacco fermentation method of the Dominican Republic, will ship to retailers on August 1.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager of CAO cigars said,

“The fans of CAO spoke, and we listened. We previously brought back Mortal Coil, yet the fans kept wanting more. So with this year’s release of the blend, we’re showing the fans of CAO that we’re willing to go the extra mile for them.”

CAO Mortal Coil is centered on Andullo tobacco which appears in the filler and calls upon time-honored cultivation and curing techniques for sungrown Habano-seed tobaccos. Instead of traditional bulk fermentation, Andullo tobacco is wrapped tightly in handcrafted palm tree pods known as “yaguas” that are compressed with rope coiled around the pod. This old-world process of fermentation takes approximately two years and transforms the tobacco into rough, leathery-looking leaves with a characteristically thick texture and earthy sweetness.

Wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf, with a Connecticut Shade binder and a filler made with Dominican Andullo surrounded by Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Esteli and Dominican Piloto Cubano, CAO Mortal Coil is a medium-bodied cigar with an alluring aroma. The experience of Mortal Coil brings forth notes of molasses, dark chocolate and raisin, with hints of spice.

Called “Mortal Coil Toro,” the 6 1/8” x 50 cigar will sell for a per-cigar MSRP of $11.99. The singular frontmark will be packaged in 20 count boxes.

CAO Mortal Coil is handcrafted at STG Esteli and will ship to retailers on August 1, 2023.