Cigar Shop Review – Cava de Magallanes – Madrid Spain

I recently took a business trip to Madrid, Spain and like always, I like to venture out and find a local cigar shop to see what I can find. This particular time it was a Cava de Magallanes that I discovered through a recommendation from my good friend Arnold Serafin here in Florida. . To start Read more about Cigar Shop Review – Cava de Magallanes – Madrid Spain[…]

CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event

CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event at Executive Cigar Lounge

My many family and friends know that when it comes to birthdays, Boston Jimmie celebrates the for the whole month of his birth – November. So this year, the last day of November, the last day I celebrate, Tony Nardone owner of Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge, hosted a CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy event. Tony Read more about CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event at Executive Cigar Lounge[…]

Cigar Shops – What We Like About them

Every now and then I come across an interesting question posted in one the many Cigar Related Social Media groups I belong to. The other week I was intrigued by a post posted on the “Cigar Cartel” Facebook group from fellow BOTL  and Red Sox fan – Scott Bain. Scott asked the group: If you Read more about Cigar Shops – What We Like About them[…]

Third Street Cigar Lounge

  I do a lot of traveling for my business and sometimes I get the opportunity to checkout a new cigar shop or lounge  when time permits. This past month I was on a trip to Detroit and had to be at a meeting Early Monday morning. I decided to fly up on a Sunday Read more about Third Street Cigar Lounge[…]

Island Smoke Shop

On the the trip back from Key West we stopped briefly in the Island Smoke Shop in Key Largo, FL. This is the largest cigar shop in the Florida Keys and South Florida and is a must stop for any cigar lover heading there. The shop is located in Pink Plaza on the west side Read more about Island Smoke Shop[…]

Old Fashioned Soda Fountains

My fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf were talking the other night at our local cigar shop, and we start to reminisce about days gone by. The topic of the old fashioned drink fountains  (soda fountains if you are from NY) and the fine shops they were in. It was quite clear to me, Read more about Old Fashioned Soda Fountains[…]