Why do we enjoy cigars?

The other night I was sitting in the Stogie Press lounge by myself enjoying a one of my many fine cigars and started to ponder a bit in my perfect solitude. We in the Americas have enjoyed the leaf for 1000′s of years. Long before the Europeans arrived. So what drew humans to smoke this fine Read more about Why do we enjoy cigars?[…]

The Most Read Cigar Reviews of 2015

January is a great time to look back & reflect on what has happened in the year that just passed. To that end, we at Stogie Press, wanted to review what were the most read cigar reviews for 2015. Looking at this list gives us an idea of what has sparked people’s interests. So without Read more about The Most Read Cigar Reviews of 2015[…]

Goodfellas Cigars Inc. – Shop Review

When you think of Michigan, you probably think of places like Detroit, Ann Arbor, and the UP (Upper Peninsula). We have visions of automotive companies, great lakes, and rival college football. Not to mention the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings. But about 30 miles north of Detroit, is a small town called Rochester Hills, Read more about Goodfellas Cigars Inc. – Shop Review[…]

Cigar Trends at the IPCPR 2015

Every show we get to see the coming cigar trends – the things that you will see at your local tobacconist in the next coming months. There are things that just everyone seems to have latched onto. A big trend from last year’s show was the BIG ring gauge cigar. We saw an awful lot Read more about Cigar Trends at the IPCPR 2015[…]

Jungle Jim's

Jungle Jim’s – A True International Emporium

Whenever and wherever I travel in the world I usually make it my business to search out cigar shops in the area I will be visiting. This past month after a traveling around the world I had to take a trip to the Cincinnati, OH area. I was so busy living out of a suitcase Read more about Jungle Jim’s – A True International Emporium[…]

Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars

An Interview with Tres Lindas Cubanas

There is an old Latin American tradition that when a girl turns 15 she has a party similar to what we do in America for sweet 16. It known as Quinceañera which is the feminine form of “fifteen-year-old”. The party celebrates the young girl becoming a woman. In Cuba the celebration includes a highly choreographed Read more about An Interview with Tres Lindas Cubanas[…]

A look into the deeming regulation on cigars

This past week the Premium Cigar industry got a glimpse into the possible outcome of the FDA’s deeming regulation on cigars. The National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) held their national convention in Las Vegas, NV. One of the key speakers was Mitch Zeller, who is the Director of the FDA Center for Tobacco Products Read more about A look into the deeming regulation on cigars[…]

A Short History of Cigars during 1990’s

The time is the late 20th century and the cigar industry got a shot in the arm from Marvin Shanken and his new glitzy publication Cigar Aficionado. The boom had started and cigars were flowing off the shelves of every shop around the country.  Prior to the 1990s cigar production was stable and consistent. It Read more about A Short History of Cigars during 1990’s[…]

Cigar Oldies but Goodies

In preparation for this month’s issue we decided to take a look back and sample some of the oldies but goodies that are still on the market. No we are not talking about the Atari Game Machine, Video Disk, Streamline Phone, or Scarface the Movie, but some of these are still goodies. We are talking Read more about Cigar Oldies but Goodies[…]

Classic Cigar Reviews

As we discussed in our Oldies but Goodies article, we spent some time sampling some of the older brands that our readers may or may not be familiar with. Here we provide some short cigar reviews of the following classic cigars: Don Tomas Clasico Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Saint Luis Rey Arturo Fuente – Curly Read more about Classic Cigar Reviews[…]