Quesada 70th Anniversary

Quesada 70th Anniversary Cigar Review – A tribute to Manolo Quesada

Officially announced at the 2017 Pro Cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, the Quesada 70th Anniversary cigar is tribute to Manuel “Manolo” Quesada Jr., who celebrated his 70th birthday this past April. This particular Anniversary cigar was blended by the master himself and features some of the finest tobacco in the Quesada arsenal. Though the Read more about Quesada 70th Anniversary Cigar Review – A tribute to Manolo Quesada[…]

Quesada Selección España Cigar Review

To start off with, I received the Quesada Selección España as part of the package at this years Cigars and Cars event sponsored by Corona Cigars in Orlando. Having rested for a few months I decided to carry it up to frigid Dearborn, Michigan and enjoy it in my favorite lounge up there Don Yeyo Read more about Quesada Selección España Cigar Review[…]

Imperia Cigar

MLB Cigar Ventures Imperia Robusto – Cigar Review

At this year’s IPCPR in New Orleans I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new company – MLB Cigar Ventures. Now the term MLB does not stand for Major League Baseball  but rather the initials of the owner, Michael L. Bellody. I should note however that Michael and I are both Red Sox Read more about MLB Cigar Ventures Imperia Robusto – Cigar Review[…]

Quesada Heisenberg Petite – Cigar Review

As an engineer I can fully appreciate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. It states that the:  If you get clearer on where an object is at any time then you have less of an idea on where it is going and how fast. If you get clearer on where it is going and how fast at Read more about Quesada Heisenberg Petite – Cigar Review[…]

Quesada 40th Anniversary – Cigar Review

‎ As I was building my list of the top 25 Boutique/Small Batch cigars for 2014, it was brought to my attention that the I should sample the Quesada 40th Anniversary. I am always open to new input and took the advice of my site and social media followers and purchased a Quesada 40th Anniversary. Read more about Quesada 40th Anniversary – Cigar Review[…]