Cigars and Scotch

I love cigars and have enjoyed them for 37 years, I also enjoyed scotch for just as long. For many years I drank blended scotch – Chivas, Johnnie Walker, and Dewars. Sometime around my late thirties my good friend Tony introduced me to Macallan 35 Year Old single malt scotch. It was like having sex Read more about Cigars and Scotch[…]

Editorial January 2015

So we have closed out 2014 and now we look forward to a new year. Looking back over  2014, Stogie Press would like to thank all of our followers and friends who have been supporting us throughout the year. We started Stogie Press with the intention of making a premier online cigar magazine and I Read more about Editorial January 2015[…]

Why do we Smoke Cigars?

It was once said; “A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.” We in the Americas have been enjoying the leaf for 1000’s of years. So what drew us to pick this plant, let the leaves dry, then roll the leaf and light it on fire? What persueded us Read more about Why do we Smoke Cigars?[…]