Taking It To The Nub – Season 1 Episode 27 – Jeffrey Amendola – Amendola Family Cigars

Episode 27 of Taking It To The Nub featured special guest Jeffrey Amendola, founder of Amendola Family Cigars. In this episode, Boston Jimmie and Jeffrey take a journey through the founding of Jeffrey’s cigar brand and venture into our Italian heritages.

Jeffrey notes:

My forefathers were innovators, bootleggers, business owners, and God fearing men who understood what it meant to be providers for their home.  That same drive to overcome and to have a place in this world runs through my veins today. I am determined to keep that tradition and legacy alive and instill into the hearts of my children, a very simple yet powerful legacy; Honor, Respect, Loyalty. 

If you missed the live show or wish to see it again, you can view it here.

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