The Voyage by Baracoa Cigars – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Baracoa Cigar Co. The Voyage
I personally met Baracoa Cigar Company owner, Danny Vasquez, at this years IPCPR in Las Vegas and then again we stood together, brothers in arms, at the Save The Leaf “herf” in Washington D.C. in early August. Danny and his company, Baracoa Cigars, presented their inaugural release “The Voyage” at this years IPCPR and I am here today, offering you to take a voyage with me, through this delectable cigar. Before we do that though, I would like to thank Danny for his tireless hours he put in to help organize the Save The Leaf event – it was truly appreciated.
Now lets talk  about The Voyage by Baracoa Cigars. As I mentioned, it was the inaugural cigar for this new company,  introduced at the IPCPR and in Danny’s own words:

In our travels, meetings, discussions (((arguments))), we created our slogan, “Never Settle”. We didn’t want to settle for cheap tobacco just because it was easier, we didn’t want to over price things just because it was faster. We decided, to take our time, and we think it has finally paid off.

Having worked with this man through preparation and execution of the Save The Leaf event I can assure you he is one that Never Settles for anything, but the best.

The Voyage, by Baracoa Cigars, is a carefully selected blend of leaf,  from the Caribbean and Central  America – truly a voyage that would make even Columbus proud.

  • Wrapper – Dominican Corojo
  • Binder – Ecuadorian
  • Filler – Dominican and Nicaraguan

The Voyage is available  in 2 vitolas each packaged 20 to a box:

  • Robusto – 5 x 50 (MSRP $10.00)
  • Toro – 5 x 54 (MSRP $10.50)
In his quest for the perfect manufacturing facility to produce The Voyage, Danny settled on the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic. You certainly can’t go wrong with that partnership, especially if you are a person that won’t settle, except for only the best.

 For this review I sampled the Toro

Cigar Review Notes

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  • Slightly veiny but shiny  wrapper
  • Baking spice on foot
  • Beautiful band – tribute to Columbus in 1492
  • Cold draw is earthy with a slightly open draw
  • Touch of spearmint in background and a hint of pepper on the lips
  • 1st light graces the palate nicely – no heavy pepper
  • Just a mild nasal burn
  • Oops, I spoke to soon there is a wasabi nut that just entered
  • NOTE – instead of bear nuts in Shanghai they have these wasabi covered peanuts
  • Medium grey ash
  • Nut is lingering on the palate
  • Touch of citrus peel coming through
  • Damn good half-inch to start!
  • Citrus slides into fruit and the nut builds as the pepper diminished
  • Creamy butter adds to the profile
  • Smoke volume is full
  • Sweetness rounds out the flavors at the end of the first third
  • Solid burn and tight ash
  • Herbal spice enters in second third
  • Lot of flavor pleasure in this cigar
  • Medium strength so far
  • Ash gently fell just before the band
  • Well centered burn cone
  • Even my smoking herfing buddy Ziggy liked the aroma
  • Spice builds up in the background
  • The nut is ever-present
  • A sweet orange blossom aroma at end of second third
  • Sweet cocoa enters in final third
  • Wrapper oiled up well through the perfect burn
  • Smoking time was just over an hour

Overall, The Voyage by Baracoa Cigars, is a cigar I would have expected from a veteran cigar maker not a new company breaking into the business. Danny Vasquez has certainly got a hit here and partnering with La Aurora certainly helped but it was his taste for the leaf and ultimate blend that made this such an enjoyable experience.

The Voyage by Baracoa Cigars

The Voyage by Baracoa Cigars

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