Villiger Cigars Cabareté Maduro – Cigar Review

Villiger Cigars – Cabareté Maduro

I finally decided to open the sample pack from Villiger Cigars I received at this years IPCPR and run the Cabareté Maduro through the Stogie Press test. The Cabarete is one of the 3 new lines of cigars Villiger has introduced in 2014. The other 2 are the Trill the Cuellar Connecticut Kreme.  They are the first new lines for Villiger since the new Director of Marketing, Fabian Barrantes, came over from Boutique Blends.

villiger cigars

Villiger Cigars – Cabaret


Sitting in my Gar Cave, I examine the new Villiger Cabareté.  Running the barrel along my nose I pick up the scent of sweet hay, a good sign that this was going to be a treat. This required some music to complete the scene, so I cued up some Aerosmith Vinyl and sat back to enjoy the experience.

The Villiger Cabareté is a beautiful box pressed veinless Nicaraguan Maduro wrapped cigar. I am told it has a 4 filler tobaccos – Pilot Cubano, Criollo, San Vincente, and Cubano Ligeros. The binder is Cuban Seed Nicaraguan. The wrapper is smooth and oily  with a glimmering  brown sheen. The band is colorful and would call you over to say hello on a humidor shelf if it could speak.

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The Cabareté is sweet to the lips. As I  light it up, it gives off a sweet fruity flavor with a near perfect burn. “Sweet Emotion” fills the air  along with waves of sweet-scented smoke  There is a slight peppery burn on the retro-hale. The fruit is that of raisin or possibly currant. There is a back flavor of coffee.  It has an easy draw and it produces lots of tasty smoke.

About a third of the way down there is a note of chocolate that adds to the fruity flavor. Sweet and delicious.

Approaching the second 3rd, buttery flavor notes enter, along with creamy smoke. There is a touch of honey that comes and goes.  This is a very smooth and delectable smoke.

A mild spice is picking up on the retro hale and there is a bit of oak flavor as I transition to the last third. The smoke is very clean on the palate with a nice smooth finish and no discernible after taste. The ash was light grey and held on for most of the hour or so journey.

Villiger Cigars Cabarete

Villiger Cigars Cabarete

Villiger Cigars; Boston Jimmie says I need another. I will have to add this to my collection. Great new introduction for 2014.

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