Camacho Ecuador – Cigar Review

–Mike Weller
Manager, Crossroads Cigars, Lafayette IN

Review: Camacho Ecuador Robusto

camacho cigars
Greetings to all from Lafayette, Indiana. Today’s review takes the newly-released Camacho Ecuador blend for a test drive. I’ll admit, this isn’t the very first of these I’ve smoked, but it is the first where I really paid close attention and took notes. The 5×50 Robusto size is on-deck for review.

Visually, it’s a beautiful, slightly rugged looking stick. The band and box feature a deep, eye-catching, teal-blue color in the style of all the revamped Camachos. There are some veins, but nothing major or problematic. The color is a rich brown with red undertones that typify a good Habano wrapper. There is a subtle oily sheen and feel.

The pre-light aroma is a sweet, barnyard smell with a grassy note. The cold draw is easy, with an ideal balance of resistance, Flavors come through as complex and intriguing even before the lighter comes out.

On the first light flavors are what one expects from a Habano, sweet and spicy, with more notes than simply “peppery.” Mata Fina binder and Corojo and Criollo in the filler all have a voice in the blend. “Complexity” is often sighted in a cigar, but this one could be held as a standard to judge others.

In the first inch, there is a slight harsh character to the smoke. This mellows nicely as the burn stabilizes. It will return, if the cigar is worked too hard, but once cooled a bit, no sour tone remains. Simply put, this is a blend to savor gently. Patience will be rewarded many-fold.

As the cigar continues, the flavors meld some. The individual notes are still discernible, but they start working together. Essentially it’s a case where the sum becomes greater than the parts. There is a lot of flavor happening, all of it deep, rich, and very interesting.

Construction was near-flawless, with only two slight touch-ups necessary.

Camacho has a reputation for bold and flavor-loaded cigars, and their new release fits right into the family. The Ecuador series should be on the radar for most cigar smokers, save perhaps the newcomer. Grab a couple when you see them, because they move fast. I have some difficulty keeping a supply in my store, and I’m far from alone in that.

You can get these at many fine shops including The Mancave Cigar Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The reviewer:
Mike Weller lives in Lafayette, Indiana with his wife and kids, He is the store and promotions manager for Crossroads Cigars, in Downtown Lafayette.

Publisher Note: Mike was not able to send his pictures so we used some from the Stogie Press library of Boston Jimmie.