Cigar News: Swinger Cigar Company Halts Operations

Swinger Cigar Company announced today, the decision to cease doing business. The company founded in 2014 by Ryan Gallimore was built with the idea that people love cigars and people love golf, so why not have a cigar company that focused on that combination. Their introductory line of the Front 9 and the Back 9,[…]

Editorial: Stogie Press Hits New Milestones – A Thank You to All and Then Some

This past week, Stogie Press hit two important milestones in our continued pursuit to bring you, our loyal readers, extensive content of the cigar lifestyle. Stogie Press has been a dream of mine for a long time and after four years from posting our first article on the Warped La Colmena, that was launched at the 2014[…]

Swinger Cigars Hole in One

Swinger Cigars fills out their card with 6 new blends at 2016 IPCPR

Swinger Cigars, LLC announced the introduction of 5 new blends to complete their lineup at this years IPCPR. Ryan Gallimore, owner of Swinger Cigars has been working on these blends and packaging throughout the year. Swinger cigars is a brand dedicated to the golfing enthusiast, 1st introduced 2 years ago with three blends: Front Nine[…]

Cigar Review – Swinger Cigars 1895 #6

Last year Ryan Gallimore opened a new cigar company – Swinger Cigars, LLC and his first two debut blends were the Front 9 and Back 9. Decent cigars especially for the golf course. This year he set the bar higher and has introduced the 1895. This cigar is a bolder more flavorful 4 country blend.[…]

Swinger Cigars

An interview with Ryan Gallimore from Swinger Cigars at the IPCPR 2015

Day 4 of the  2015 IPCPR in New Orleans has been exciting to say the least. We took the opportunity to day to sit with some of the many manufactures and have some brief interviews about their newest blends, talk about their success in the industry and just catch up on whats happening.  We sat down[…]