Cigar News: Drew Estate Hires Ryan Gallimore as Manager of Consumer Engagement

Stogie Press has learned, Drew Estate hired Mr. Ryan Gallimore, a.k.a. LRG, as the new Manager of Consumer Engagement.

Save The Leaf
Ryan Gallimore, a.k.a LRG

Personally, I have come to think of Ryan as another son, a young man I met in 2014, when I first walked into Don Yeyo Cigars in Dearborn MI on a cold winter day. Ryan and I bonded over cigars and baseball and after knowing him for the past 5 years, I can say Drew Estate has hired one of the most knowledgeable cigar men in the industry. From the moment we fired up our first cigar, I realized this young man knew more about the industry than some of the industry veterans and longtime cigar enthusiasts I have come across.

I have to thank Ryan for being instrumental in the creation of Stogie Press. It was Ryan who introduced me to the industry, at my first IPCPR, and opened doors for me over the years. Walking the show floor that first time, I was amazed at how many men and women he knew in the industry including manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers. Even at the young age of 25 he had a large presence.

Over the years, Ryan and I have shared many a cigar moment. We spent time in the Dominican Republic where he introduced me to farms and processing facilities while he worked on new blends. Wherever we went, industry insiders knew him or heard about him. Ryan was making waves in industry. In August of 2016, Ryan organized a march on Washington D.C. known as “Save the Leaf” along with fellow members of the industry. The event brought out cigar enthusiasts from around the country to protest against the deeming FDA regulations. We took over on the lawn of the Capital making speeches and letting our voice be known.

Save The Leaf
Ryan Gallimore – Save The Leaf Event

Mr. Gallimore may be best known as the owner of the Swinger Cigar Company that was launched back in 2013 and ran until the FDA deeming regulations made it too expensive to operate. Ryan, a Detroit native, has over a decade of premium cigar experience including managing the Don Yeyo Cigar shop in Dearborn MI, owning and operating Swinger Cigar (a golf themed cigar line), and most recently the Premium Cigar Manager for United Custom Distribution in Southfield, MI where he was responsible for the purchasing and directing sales for the company.

His current position is a newly created one at Drew Estate and includes responsibilities for the coordinating and planning of consumer events around the country including the numerous Barn Smokers and Trade shows.

Ryan described his new role as:

“An honored opportunity to showcase my skills in consumer events and the ability to grow and build on the relationships I’ve gained over the last ten years”

Reaching out to Joe Gro, Digital Marketing Manager for Drew Estate Cigars, he stated:

We are truly excited to have Ryan joining our team at Drew Estate. He’s going to go full throttle and raise our events to new heights. It helps that he’s already a giant in the industry, both literally and figuratively.

Now as the Manager of Consumer Engagement for the largest cigar company in the world, Ryan’s dream has come true. Over the years he always confided in me his desire to work for Drew Estate and his Idol in the industry, Jonathan Drew, a man he knew for years and described by Ryan as the father of the modern cigar world.

I wish Ryan all the best in this new chapter of his life as he relocates from the frigid winters of Detroit MI, to the balmy Miami sun. I know he will make his impact and help Drew Estate to continue to grow the fan base through the years. Congratulations Ryan!

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