Romeo San Andrés by Romeo y Julieta

Romeo San Andrés by Romeo y Julieta Cigar Review

Well, here we are in 2018 and the collaborations with AJ Fernandez continue where they left off in 2017. This time the cigar tobacco king has worked again with Altadis USA and included Rafael Nodal in the mix to create the latest Romeo y Julieta cigar – the Romeo San Andrés. You may recall AJ has worked[…]

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Cigar Review – Let the Sun Shine Through

At this years Smoke Inn Great Smoke 2018 I received two Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars. One of those was the 20th Anniversary Sun Grown which is the topic of today’s review. Both 20th Anniversary cigars were released in time for the 2012 IPCPR to commemorate the company’s 20 years in the business, so this cigar[…]

Last Call Maduro by AJ Fernandez

AJ Fernandez Last Call Maduro Cigar Review – I Call This a Winner!

At the end of last year I made a call that an AJ Fernandez product, or collaboration product, would be picked as the CA number 1 cigar of the year. I was wrong, even with all the great products that he had his fingers on, he did not get that honor. Well, it is another[…]

Kristoff Cameroon

Kristoff Cameroon Cigar Review

The other day I was going clicking through Stogie Press and realized there is now over 1,000 cigar reviews and articles that have been authored since our launch back in 2014. That’s a lot of content and a lot of cigars that have gone from beauty to ash. One of the first reviews I authored[…]

Alec Bradley Black Market Illicit

Alec Bradley Black Market Illicit Cigar Review

Back in March of 2017, Alec Bradley Cigars announced the release of the Black Market Illicit cigar. This cigar was released in the summer of 2017 as part of the Tobacconists’ Association of America’s (TAA) 2017 exclusive series. In the press release the company Alan Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley Cigar Company, stated: “This is the[…]

Kristoff Connecticut

Kristoff Connecticut Cigar Review – Is this really a Connecticut?

As we ended 2016 and moved half way through 2017, there has been a plethora of Connecticut Wrapped cigars hitting the market. Last year Glenn Case and his Kristoff Boutique Cigar company introduced one, known simply as the Kristoff Connecticut. Of course this is unlike most Connecticut wrapped cigars on the market. As you will read,[…]

Recluse Draconian

Recluse Draconian Cigar Review

Back in 2012, Iconic Leaf Cigar Company announced their inaugural line of cigars, known as the OTG and it was met with rave reviews. That reception prompted the company to announce their 2nd release, the Recluse Draconian, at the 2013 IPCPR in Las Vegas. It is at this show where I met the Iconic Leaf Cigars[…]

Perdomo Habano Connecticut Bourbon Barrel Aged

Perdomo Habano Connecticut Bourbon Barrel Aged Cigar Review

If you have smoked cigars for a little while, you might recall the Perdomo Habano line of cigars that were released in 2007. They were a creation of Nick Perdomo Jr. and were thought by many to be a one of the best cigars for the price. In fact Nick stated “By blending these cigars[…]

Camacho Powerband

Camacho PowerBand Cigar Review – Live Loud

Camacho Cigars, a brand known to cigar connoisseurs across the globe has been making a quite a splash with its Master Built series of cigars. In fact their whole website is pushing the “Loud Life”  including a whole page devoted to the Camacho Master Built Road Tour. The latest addition to the Master Built series[…]

CAO V660 Carb Flathead

CAO Flathead V660 Carb Cigar Review – A New Age of Cigars

A couple of years ago,  CAO Cigars hit the market with a new and bold cigar known as the CAO Flathead. It was a kind of tribute to the muscle cars of years past. They are offered in 5 different vitolas, each named for a component of an internal combustion engine along with numbers that[…]

Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez

Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez Cigar Review – A powerful hybrid!

At the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas, there was plenty of chatter going around about the new hybrid cigar from AJ Fernandez. Known as the Bellas Artes (Fine Arts), the cigar is unique in that it uses a special hybrid leaf that A.J. has cultivated just for this cigar. The seed for this wrapper is cross[…]

La Jugada Habano

La Jugada Habano Cigar Review – A Cigar Classic

Sometimes you have to go back to your roots,  what put you on the scene,  for all  to see. In the case of Moya Ruiz cigars,  I am talking about the La Jugada line of cigars. With all the “cool” coming out the Moya Ruiz team like the Chinese Finger Trap, Dim Mak,  Nunchuck, and Pickle[…]

Sindicato Particulares Cremas

Particulares Cremas Cigar Review – What’s old is new

Back in July of last year I reported on the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas and noted that what was old is new. I was hearing about brand owners pulling out old blends and re-marketing them but that was their blends. I somehow missed the Sindicato booth among the sea of cigar brands that week.[…]