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It has been an insane year and as the holidays quickly approach what better way to put it all behind us then gift giving and receiving. The 2020 Stogie Press Holiday Gift guide is designed for the cigar enthusiasts out there and that means you and your Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf. We have reviewed a number of these and others we just know will be graciously received.

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TGS Party in a Box

This one is easy, and it is going to be there in time for Christmas, well at least the acknowledgment that it was purchased for you or your cigar friend. The Smoke Inn TGS Party in a Box, grants you Admission to The Great Smoke 2021 Digital Experience Broadcast Event February 20, 2021 as well as a TGS Party In A BOX shipped to your home(Packages will ship out the second week of February). TGS Party in a Box packages should arrive the second week of February, signature confirmation required. TGS Party in a Box is non-refundable.  The deal is amazing and would make any cigar enthusiast happy. For only $169.95 you get 40 premium cigars plus tons of swag. So go ahead and tell Santa, that is what you want! You can purchase this direct from Smoke Inn here.

Cigar Stash – Cigar Snuffer and Holder $49.95

Once you put the cigar stash to use, you will wonder how you ever got by without one, especially if you smoke in your car. No more dirty ash trays or cups that collect ash and stink up the car. And no more trying to ash you cigar out the window and having the wind tear it apart. With the Cigar Stash, you have a handy device to easily ash your cigar while driving and it also snuffs it out in seconds when you have to take a quick rest stop or go go into a restaurant or non smoking meeting. Check out the review here. For only $49.95 you or your cigar loving friend will be happy with this device. You can purchase directly from

Cigarmedics – HumidiMeter $29.99

This very popular device has been showing up in social media cigar posts since it hit the market last year. We all have humidors and we do are best to keep them maintained at a desired Relative Humidity using humidifiers, Boveda packs, beads, Cigar Oasis’, etc. – but do you really know if those cigars are maintaining the proper moisture content? Or in more scientific terms, Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). This patent pending device is designed to measure the moisture content in your cigar and convert it to an easily readable Relative Humidity. So now all you need to do is gently stab the foot of you cigar and you will know if it is ready to be enjoyed. We did a detailed review of this which you can read here. If you local shop does not carry it you can purchase it directly from for just $29.99. Add this to you gift list for a better smoking experience in 2021.

Ethan + Ashe – Alkamista Infusion Vessel $95.00

After testing and reviewing this awesome device, I was hooked on it with my first sip of freshly infused tequila. The Alkamista infusion vessel is a perfect gift for that spirit enthusiast in your life or something you may want to put on you gift request this holiday season. For just $95.00 you get the vessel and three infusion packs to start your journey. The Alkemista is designed to infuse various spirits to enhance you drinking pleasure and create awesomely delicious craft cocktails. You can purchase directly from the Ethan+Ashe website here. In addition to the Alkemista the site also has a number of cool mixology products to enlighten your bar and additional infusion packets.

Victms1975 CigarArt by Jessi Flores

Who doesn’t love cigar swag and art, especially when it comes from renowned cigar artist Jessi Flores. Jessi’s site offers loads of cool custom art to choose from and I am sure you don’t mind supporting a great Brother of the Leaf. Jessi also has a line of products branded as Phuck Cancer that uses the proceeds to help his daughter who is seriously ill, and other children in Nicaragua, that are in need of medical care, so that alone may be reason to get some gifts in this season of giving.

The Bugatti Lighter

Bugatti Mirage

One the coolest new lighters to hit the market has been the Bugatti Vulcan and Mirage lighters. These are not you normal refillable lighter. This one uses a special mini pod of butane that pushes into the cavity of the lighter and gives you up to 30 days of cigar lighting based on an average of 2 cigars/day. The butane pods cost just $2.59/unit and replacement is a snap. It produces a twin pointpoint torch flame that I find is perfect to ignite your cigar. At just $99.99, the Bugatti lighter comes with an extra replaceable burner unit that you can replace in seconds so you never have to be with out a lighter. Additional burner units cost just $14.99. To see it in action checkout the article we did on it here.

Corkcicle Cigar Glass – Double Old Fashioned Glass With Built-In Cigar Rest – $24.95

My good friend and BOTL, Jamiel Jackson, noted this novel but very useful glass should be included on the list. He told he has one and loves it. I wondered if the cigar would get damp from the sweat on the glass and he said nope, never happened. So there you go. If you want to get this, you can find it on Amazon here, for just @24,95 and free shipping..

Warfighter R60 Ruck Case Humidor

If you or a cigar friend of yours is a big outdoorsman, this is the case/humidor to get. At only $59.99 it is the ultimate humidor case for your cigars and gear that’s crushproof, dustproof, and adventure proof. Strategic organization features and trusted Pelican protection for your everyday cigar gear. They come is various colors and if you want you can add the option to include warfighter and a lighter and cutter to your order. You order this direct from Warfighter Cigars here.

Xikar XO™ Double Guillotine Cutter

According to the company’s website, where you can purchase this from; ‘The XO is a cutting machine, inspired by timeless design principles. The dual stainless steel blades operate on a patent pending planetary gear system, ensuring the blades open and close in perfect harmony, providing a guided and clean cut every time. The distinct, round aluminum body of the XO is built for relentless durability and exceptional performance. Engineered to simplify the standard double guillotine style cut.‘ Prices range from $99.99 to $149.99.

Whiff Industries Odor Elimination

Hate the lingering odor in your car, office, smoking room in your house? Then, look no further than Whiff Industries Odor Elimination products. The company has recently added to their acclaimed line of products and now has what they described as 4- stage Total Odor Neutralization system. The system includes:

  • Whiff Out™ Odor Eliminating Reed Diffuser – $17.00
  • Whiff Out Revolutionary Crystalline Ashtray Deodorizer$13.00
  • Whiff Out™ Odor Eliminating Wax Melt – $15.00
  • Whiff Out Spray Mist Odor Eliminator – $12.00

If your local brick and mortar shop does not carry the line, you can order directly from their website here. These are products I use on a regular basis and preform as well as described.

The Kentucky Double Ashtray

Who can’t use another cool ashtray. I know I have numerous smoking areas in my home and each has an ashtray. If you are looking for a great gift for a cigar and bourbon enthusiast, then look no further than This creator of this fine ashtray said it had to be of unmatched quality and sourced from the USA as much as possible. It had to last a lifetime, and be a legacy piece. The Kentucky Double is handcrafted in the USA with only premium & luxurious materials such as American made 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, FAS grade hardwood, premium full-grain leather, and only Kerckhaert kings plate racing horseshoes. You purchase this direct from the company’s website for $179.99 and it comes with a lifetime warranty and ships free in the USA.

Room 101 Jewelry

You have heard of Room 101 the cigar brand, but that isn’t the end of the road. Matt Booth is the mastermind behind Room 101, which is an entire collection of Jewelry from Bracelets to Necklaces and Rings. No matter what your loved one is into, I am sure you will the ultimate jewelry for them on Room 101. Matt Booth works with silver, gold, and titanium and even works with beads that look great with any look! The jewelry isn’t cheap so expect to pay a little bit, but with anything you get what you pay for and quality is the name of the game here! Not only does Room 101 make jewelry but they also have an apparel side to the company. Matt Booth has some great designs for his T-shirts and Hoodies and even hats and cell phone cases! Boofy’s got ya covered for Christmas this year!  Check out: 

Troys Woodworks Cigar Accessories

We all love our accessories to go with our cigars. Troys Woodworks has been crafting custom accessories for the cigar enthusiast since 2016. Each piece is designed for you according to your desires. They have been best known for their Cigar NubTool, but they also have beautiful wood ashtrays and cigar holders. Checkout for more information.

F.e.s.s. Armour Waterproof Travel Humidor

Cigar nerds like me, carry plenty of cigars when I travel on vacation or business. You can bring a number of small travel humidors with you, or just pack them in a humidor made for just the occasion. For only $59.99, the F.e.s.s. Armour Waterproof Travel Humidor is the right choice here. It has an O-ring seal and pressure release valve, making it water proof and floatable. It has its own humidity beads and it is airtight, and crushproof. You find these on Amazon and direct from the company at . Besides this humidor, the site offers a number of gift ideas for the cigar and even pipe enthusiast.

Cigars – We All Love Them

Of course, if you are, or know someone who is, a cigar lover, you can always buy them cigars and stuff a holiday stocking. This year you may want to check out the Frontline Cigars website and pick up a a cool sampler pack, like the Ambalamps 5- Pack Sampler with Coin. For just $61.79 you get five select cigars and and a very unique coin for those that collect cigar branded challenge coins. The coolest part of the coin is, both sides glow in the dark, the ambulance in front and the heart rate on the back. Stogie Press sampler pack that has five cigars rate 90 or above by Stogie Press. Frontline Cigars is a First Responder owned company and a percent your purchase goes to help numerous charities that support first responders and their families.

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter $39.00

Stogie Press follower, Andrew P McCreary, noted that the Colibri V cut gives the best V cut in his opinion. You can order this beautiful cutter direct from Colibri if you can’t find in your local brick and mortar.

The Colibri V-Cut is contoured for beauty and to fit securely in your hand. The stainless steel blade is spring-loaded and is purposefully designed with acute and deep angle, so as to penetrate up to 7mm into the cap to provide a rich and robust draw.

The guided action of the blade runs smoothly, ensuring an easily accomplished deep and clean cut. Enjoy the V-Cut on large 60+ ring gauge cigars—and it’s also great on a torpedo.

Cigars For Warriors

Photo Courtesy of Cigar For Warriors

While you are in the holiday spirit, let’s not forget the brave men and women who are serving overseas to keep us and the world safe and free. A little goes a long way and if you you want to bring a smile to our troops, maybe you can consider donating to Cigars For Warriors. This 501 (c)3 Charity is Dedicated to our Troops and you can donate cash or drop off cigars any numerous donation center around the country. The serve us, let’s care for them. Visit for all the information you need to help out our troops.

Any Other Ideas? Win Some Of Santa Jimmie’s Stash

If you have any other thoughts, add them in the comments below between now and Christmas, and I will select two lucky fans of Stogie Press to receive a belated Christmas gift from Santa Jimmie’s personal stash. So start commenting and let us know what you think is a cool holiday gift for the cigar enthusiasts out there.

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