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I have traveled the world on both business and pleasure and have had the distinct opportunity of visiting  many cigar shops and lounges from the U.S. to Canada, Central America, Europe, and Asia. Each establishment had a distinctive design that represented the owners dream of serving the cigar lifestyle. Whether they were large or small each one was a place to meet fellow lovers of the leaf and enjoy conversation, but until this week I have not experienced a mobile cigar  lounge.

This past week I was on business in the Detroit Michigan area and stopped into one of my go to lounges, the Ambassador Cigar & Spirits Lounge in Troy, MI. I was there to attend a an event hosted by Leaf & Libations, a fellow cigar media site that is partly owned by my good friend and fine Brother of the Leaf, Roman Ivan. While at the event, I sat at a table where I met a couple, Tony Anderson and his significant other, Dee King, who after some pleasant conversation explained to me they own the City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge.

Dee and Tony
Dee and Tony

A mobile cigar lounge? I was intrigued to hear more and I certainly wanted to check this experience out. We talked and exchanged stories for a couple of hours as we sampled craft beers and puffed on some fine cigars including the new Room 101 Farce which was the event cigar. As the evening drew to a close I made arrangements to meet Tony on Friday evening to check out the City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge.

When Friday evening came, Tony contacted me and offered to drive the lounge up to me. I was sitting in the Livonia Cigar Bar in the Laurel Oaks area and said that would be great.  While I awaited the arrival of City Smoke, I introduced the Livonia Cigar Bar owner and patrons to what was on the way. We checked out the City Smoke website and were all in agreement that this looks like a cool concept. 

City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge
City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge

Tony and his crew pulled into the parking lot around 9PM and it was a hit from the moment he parked. I went out to greet him along with some of the bar patrons and we were impressed with what he had to offer.

The City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge

Based out of Flat Rock, Michigan, Tony describes the City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge as “entertainment on wheels catering to the local cigar aficionado”.

The City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge is a customized Chevrolet Starcraft Bus that operates very similar to a limousine, with a bit of a twist. As I entered this cigar lounge on wheels, I was struck by how clean and inviting it was. It is lined with comfortable leather limousine style seats that can seat  about 20 people comfortably. There are plenty of stand-up chrome ash trays to keep the ashes where they belong. 

There is a large flat screen TV in the back that picks up local channels from the on-board antenna and also includes a FireTV  connection and a DVD player.

The lounge is equipped with a high end professional sound system that can play music from play lists of your choice or from the wide library of tunes City Smoke offers. To add to the ambiance, there is also an extensive range of lighting that transforms the lounge into a night club experience.

During the cold months, like this particular evening, City Smoke adds a small electric faux fireplace heater in the back to provide warmth and added ambiance. Cigar smoke is exhausted through a fan in the roof to keep the experience practically smoke free. 

There is small humidor in the front of the lounge that is stocked with  some of the most popular cigars for sale if you did not happen to bring your own, or just want to try something different.

  • Aging Room
  • Alec Bradley
  • Asylum
  • Gurhka
  • Jaime Garcia
  • La Gloria
  • Leaf
  • Liga Privada #9
  • Nat Sherman
  • Rocky Patel
  • Romeo & Julietta

City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge

City Smoke does not serve alcohol but you are invited to bring your own if you like. There are plenty of cup holders behind the seating. 

City Smoke Rates

Renting the City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge is easy through the company’s website and the rates are quite reasonable:

  • 2 Hours –  $350.00
  • 4 Hours –  $500.00
  • 8 Hours –  $800.00

If you do the math, those rates break down to less than $25.00/person with a crew of 15 for 2 hours. A full 8 hour experience works out to be about $50/person. Think about heading to a football game using City Smoke to tailgate and then driving around after, or how about an 8 hour bachelor party! City Smoke will pick you up at your designated location and the party begins.

The City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge is available to rent for any one over the age of 18  but if you are bringing any alcohol all members of the party must be at least 21 with valid ID. 

The City Smoke Experience

​Touring the mobile lounge certainly aroused my curiosity of what it would be like to drive around and get the full experience, and as I was silently dwelling on that thought, Tony offered to take me out on a drive. Great minds think alike. So one of the crew broke out a bottle of Skapa Scotch and we fired up some cigars  to get the party started. The music and mood lights turned on and off we went.

City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge

The drive was as smooth and comfortable as a limousine drive. We headed onto the highway and over to Plymouth, MI to stop at La Casa Cigar Lounge. This is where things got interesting.

As we parked in front of the lounge, patrons saw it and came out to experience this cool concept. We invited them to board the lounge and they were thoroughly  impressed with what they saw. These new found brothers of the leaf  sat with us, smoked cigars, and carried on conversation. What a experience this is, not only do you have a rolling party but wherever you stop, people want to join in the fun. The more the merrier!! It’s all about the leaf right?

City Smoke Growth

The City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge has been operating for about 2 1/2 years now and will celebrate their 3rd year anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day 2019. Tony told me that business has been so good that he is looking to procure a second mobile cigar lounge and will be doing some renovations on the existing one to include rotating captain seats to add to the experience. He hopes to continue growing the business over the ensuing years. Based on my short experience, there is no reason why this will not continue to grow. Maybe he can even expand to other city’s around the country bringing the City Smoke experience to your town.

Tony is also adding unique events to the City Smoke experience such as an upcoming shop and lounge treasure hunt tour that will take introduce you to  various cigar lounges in the Detroit area.  

Reserving a City Smoke Experience

If you would like to reserve the City Smoke Mobile Cigar Lounge for your next event just go to the company’s reservation page here.

You can also contact City Smoke by phone at: (734) 767-6142

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