Cigar Lounge: Stogie Press Independence Day Weekend Cigar Lounge Tour

Last week I accepted an offer to travel up to the tri-state are of NY, NJ, and PA to visit a number of cigar shops over the long Independence Day weekend. I started the trek at 7 AM July 4th and got back home at 9 PM Sunday, July 9th. In all I traveled over 2,500 miles by air, train, and car that took me to 5 terrific cigar lounges in the tri- state area over 3 days.

I want to thank the owners and managers of these lounges for their hospitably along with the patrons who came out over the weekend. I also express my sincere gratitude to Daniel Nina, owner of Sticks Cigars in Rahway, NJ for organizing this tour and for taking the time to be my host throughout the 3 day adventure – we certainly got to know each other over the long weekend and Daniel has nick named me – “Boston ‘The Machine’ Jimmie”.

Each of these lounges had their own uniqueness and special charm, while all offered a warm and inviting atmosphere to relax and enjoy a fine cigar, libation, and conversation. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be featuring each of these lounges in separate articles and they are now candidates for the Stogie Press 2019 Best Cigar Lounge.

I still have six months left to visit more lounges and I do plan on making a few more treks before the end of the year. Meanwhile here is a short slide show to highlight last weekends fun.