Cigar News: Acosta To Represent Frontier Cigars Nationally

Frontier Brands, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Acosta as the exclusive national broker for Frontier Cigars.

Frontier Brands, LLC is the owner of Frontier Cigars, a family of high-quality mass-market cigars. Offering two styles of cigars for the convenience store channel, Frontier Cheroots and Frontier XL, are both manufactured in their Dominican Republic factory. Frontier utilizes only premium quality Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco filler wrapped in lush Pennsylvania broadleaf and Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. No HTL or any other synthetic ingredients are used in their manufacturing. Frontier cigars come in a variety of blends: Honey, Honey-Berry, Russian Cream, and Sweet Aromatic.

Ryan Frailing, Chief Operating Officer of Frontier stated:

With Acosta’s preeminence in the C-store segment, I believe the addition of Acosta as our exclusive broker is the perfect alignment in our growth objectives. Thus far, offering the finest leaf and highest quality cigars at excellent price points have been the keys to distinguishing our products in the marketplace. Now, Acosta affords us the opportunity to truly be a national brand.”

Acosta, headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, is the sales and marketing powerhouse behind the most recognized retail brands offered in the top convenience, value, club and large retail formats in the U.S. and Canada.

According to Robert Smith, Vice President for C-Store Operations for Acosta:

“We are thrilled to represent Frontier Cigars throughout our network. Our research shows a continued growth pattern in mass-market cigars offered through the convenience channel. We believe Frontier offers the highest quality cigars in the mass-marketplace. This is consistent with our corporate philosophy to market only the best brands in a product category.”

For more information contact Ryan Frailing, COO at (941) 378-3200 or For sales and distribution inquiries contact Robert Smith at (704) 517-3030 or