Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul) Cigar Review – By Zach Riley

If you thought Zach Riley was taking a break from cigars you would be seriously wrong. He has been working hard doing his best to find time to enjoy some fine cigars when he can. Of course smoking and enjoying vs. smoking and reviewing are two different things and Zach has been doing his best to keep notes along his enjoyment. He recently called me and was very much excited about the Flatbed Cigar Company’s Panacea line and we agreed he should go forth and review the whole line if he wants. You may have seen his review the company’s Track 7 2:46 we published yesterday.

So keeping with the Flatbed Cigars theme, here is the next in the Flatbed Cigar series from our friend and yours Zach Riley.

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul) Cigar Review

By Zach Riley

The Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue,  is another one that my good friend “Famous Rainey” Reps. I would say I was super pumped about this cigar as another friend of mine smoked it and told me it was fire!  Well then, let’s jump right in!

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

The blend of the Panacea Blue is described by Flatbed Cigars as:

  • Wrapper: Cameroon
  • Binder: Cubano
  • Filler: PA Broadleaf, Dominican Piloto and Olor ligero, Seco Cubano, Nicaraguan Ligero

Sizes and Prices per 4 pack:

  • Toro (6 x 52) $28.99
  • Robusto (5 x50) $26.99
  • Pyramid  (6 x 60) $33.99
  • Azul 660 (6 x 60) $33.99
  • Ned’s (5 x 60) $30.99

Smoking Experience:

Cold Draw: The cold draw has hints of wood, earth notes, and some leather. A very interesting cold draw. This should be a tasty cigar.

First Third: I just lit the cigar up and wow there is a lot of flavor. Some of the notes that I am getting are a rich hazelnut coffee note, a very mild spice that is not overpowering whatsoever. The woody flavor that was in the cold draw is also in the inhale as well. This is a very, very tasty cigar. Through the nose I am getting a black and red pepper spice, the woody flavor turns more into a cedar like flavor. The earth note that we got in the cold draw has appeared in the nose, but only on the back-end.

Second Third: We are now into the second third of the Panacea Blue Label, and the flavor profile has changed completely. The notes that I’m getting on the inhale now are a leather like taste in the forefront, the spice is diminished even more so, and the wood like flavor has switched over to a more hickory style flavor. Through the nose I am getting a black pepper spice, some heavy cream, almost like a vanilla, the hazelnut that was on the inhale in the first third has now moved to the nose, and a light hint of earth on the back-end.

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

Final Third/Finish: We are now into the finish of the Panacea Blue Label. The flavors that I’m picking up are a strong cup of coffee with some light natural sweetness to it, the spice is completely gone, but the strength is stronger than it has been through the entire cigar, and the hints of earth that have been thrown in throughout the cigar has really picked up in the finish of the cigar. Through the nose I’m getting some serious vanilla cream, almost no spice, the strength in the inhale is also in the retro, and the hickory is also in the retro at the end.

Overview: This was a REALLY tasty smoke! I don’t smoke a super amount of cameroon, but this might be my favorite I’ve ever smoked. So much complexity, changes, and just a wonderful smoke overall. No touch ups on this bad boy. Wonderfully constructed. Well done, Flatbed. Hope to see you guys again soon, but until then stay smokey! – Zach Riley

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

Boston Jimmie Note:

The more I read Zach’s reviews on the Flatbed Cigars line I have to say I need to try these. They look amazing and since I completely trust Zach’s palate, I look forward to the flavor. I hope to get my hands on some of these and enjoy the same journey that Zach has described. You can purchase these directly from the Flatbed Cigar Company on their website.