Flatbed Cigars Track 7 2:46 Cigar Review – By Zach Riley

The infamous Rainey strikes again in this review of the Track 7 2:46,  and HOLY COW. I won’t even say anymore. Hold on to your butts and enjoy this. I sure as heck did. Today we take a look at the Flatbed Cigars Track 7 2:46 cigar. Who is the Flatbed Cigar Company you ask? Their website explains it perfectly:

“Flatbed Cigar Company was born out of the love for great cigars. Come to think of it, that too was our only business plan!

The idea was, if we have the best tobacco, the best rollers, make a bunch of blends, have lots of friends and colleagues sample the cigars…we should be able to find a profile or two we can lean into. So that is what we did.”

So there you have it, love of great cigars!! Now let’s get back to the Track 7 starting with the blend which is described as:

  • Wrapper: Arapiraca Maduro
  • Binder: Dominican
  • Filler: Dominican Ligero, Seco and Nicaraguan Ligero

Size and Price per box: Box Press 5 x 60: $167.99/24-count box.

Flatbed Cigars Track 7

Smoking Experience:

Cold Draw: In the cold draw I am getting hints of pepper, natural chocolate, in Black Coffee. Really excited about smoking the cigar, so let’s waste no time and light this baby up.

First Third: In the first third of the Track 7, I am getting a dark chocolate flavor, a heavy black coffee taste, and then extremely light spice that is just enough to tickle the palette. Through the nose I am getting a rich sweetness on the forefront, a very light black pepper spice, and a rich cocoa flavor as well. This isn’t the most complex cigar I’ve ever smoked, but it is very tasty cigar.

Second Third: We are into the second third of the Track 7 and this puppy has changed a good bit, so here we go. I’m still getting the flavor of chocolate, but instead of dark chocolate it has moved to a lighter cream like chocolate. The spice is almost completely dissipated as well. There’s nothing wrong with that, though because the chocolate note is absolutely fantastic. Through the nose I am getting the strong cocoa note, the spice that was in the beginning has went away just like in the inhale, and there’s almost like a cream and coffee note on the back end of the nose.

Final Third/Finish: We are into the final third of the Track 7 and my what a wonderful cigar this has been! The final third has changed this cigar yet again, and it has went from chocolate to just a super creamy note. Almost like a Connecticut in a way which is interesting for a Maduro. The cigar has also picked up immensely in strength. I am also getting some really nice notes of hazelnut towards the end as well. They are very light, but the notes of hazelnut are there. Through the nose I am getting a little bit more pepper than in the second third, but it is a white pepper spice this time, and not a black pepper spice. I’m also getting some really nice notes of coffee in the middle of the retro, and the creaminess is also there that is there in the inhale.

Flatbed Cigars Track 7

Flatbed Cigars Track 7

Overview: This is BY FAR my favorite Flatbed cigar I’ve smoked thus far. Holy smokes. These things are like candy, and are so cheap! Such a delicious smoke. Really enjoyed this cigar a lot. Look at the ash!!! I was blown away by the construction already, but this one takes the proverbial cake. Well done, Flatbed. This and the Cameroon are in my regular rotation now.

Flatbed Cigars Track 7

Flatbed Cigars Track 7


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