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Spring is in the air and and the month of May is in full swing. May brings to us Mothers Day and a time to celebrate women. This months issue of Stogie Press is dedicated to women in the cigar industry and women cigar smokers. Take a journey with us as we delve into what is now growing segment of the cigar world.

In this months issue you will meet one of favorite cigar shop managers – Susy Zook from Paradise Cigarz in Rockledge Florida. Like many cigar shop managers, Suzy is extremely knowledgeable and and avid cigar smoker. She shares her perspective on cigars and women cigar smokers.

You will  meet the Mary Lynn Kane and her Cigar Babes and be introduced to some of the most compelling survey results about women cigar smokers. This is a must read for all cigar manufactures and shops. Mary Lynn and her husband own and operate the Lake Country Cigar lounge in Delafield, Milwaukee and besides running one of the oldest cigar group for woman they have also held several fundraisers each year benefiting charities in Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican.

We introduce you to Emille Y. Mustafa from Cordoba and Morales cigars. Emille Mustafá Córdoba y Morales (Em for short) is a busy woman – a very busy woman. Her and husband Azarías (Z for short) have one of the fastest growing brnads in the industry.

Take a trip with us to Miami, FL were you will me the twin Sisters Yvonne and Yvette from Tres Lindas Cubanas cigars and learn about their story and Afro Cuban history. These ladies are hitting it hard very day running a new cigar business while still operating their own public relations firm.

And lastly checkout our list of groups, websites, and Facebook pages dedicated to the Ladies of the Leaf.

We have been real busy at Stogie Press this month and hope you enjoy the articles about the ladies as much as we had meeting them.


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