Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Cigars

stogiepress top 25


It is two days before Santa arrives and we are pleased to announce the next 5 candidates for the Stogie Press Top 25 cigars for 2015. Of course we feature only Boutique blends in our list since there are so  many other lists out there. Once all 25 are announced we will publish the break down on Jan 1, 2016.

Here are the next 5 selections

Rodriguez Cigars Key West “Serie 84 Maduro”:

Rodriguez2Danny DiFabio from Rodriguez Cigars in Key West has been transforming this small boutique cigar company that his grandfather founded in 1984. Working with his close friend Guillermo Pena, he has created a masterful cigar known as the Serie 84 Maduro that certainly puts this company on a larger map.

Southern Draw “Kudzu”:

Southern Draw Kudzu

Southern Draw Kudzu

Founded by US Veterans, Southern Draw is a small boutique cigar company based out of the state of Texas where everything is just bigger.  They introduced the Kudzu cigar this year that is certainly “Texas Big” on flavor with solid construction and burn qualities.

Arandoza “DEFCON”:

Arandoza DEFCON Band

Arandoza DEFCON Band

Robert “Pops” Arango has been bringing cigars to us for a few years now and the new DEFCON is no exception. A hard working cigar man, Robert can be found traveling all over posting his visits on social media while introducing retailers and consumers to his fabulous blends.

Moya Ruiz “The Rake”:

The Rake

What more can we say, Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz have been taking the cigar world by storm. After introducing the acclaimed “Nunchuck” last year they have upped the anti with “The Rake“. A truly delightful smoking sensation that pleases the palate in every way.

Flor de Gonzalez (FDG) Cigars “20th Aniversario Broadleaf”:

FDG 20 Aniversario

FDG 20 Aniversario

Celebrating 20 years in the business, FDG Cigars based out of Miami FL, has created a cigar that meets the expectation of an anniversary celebration. We found the 20th Aniversario cigar to  be one heck  of a flavor  bomb and it’s Connecticut sister is also one to reckon with.

Congratulations to these companies for making the Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Cigars. Stay tuned as we introduce the remaining 15 cigars that made the cut and and checkout Stogie Press on New Years day when we announce where they place in the countdown.