2016 Top 25 Boutique Cigars la parte final

stogiepress top 25FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

December 29, 2016

Well it has been a fun and exciting year in the cigar industry as we close out 2016. There were numerous new boutique blends that hit the market this year as Manufacturers and Brand owners worked to beat the FDA deadline of August 8th, so they have time to submit blend information and still be able to market and sell their wonderful creations.

Today we present la parte final (the final) list of contenders for the Stogie Press 2016 Top 25 Boutique Cigars. If you are good at math, you may notice that the following list includes 9 not 5 as in the previous 4 parts. That is because there are actually 29 cigars that will be ranked. Four of those contenders will be honorable mentions. Why didn’t we do a top 30? Because we didn’t, this is the Stogie Press top 25 and we always do a top 25 with a couple of honorable mentions. With all the additional boutique blends on the market this year we decided to include 4 honorable mentions this year. I know, I could continue but the list has to eventually stop.

So here is the the list of the final 9 contenders. Don’t forget, the actual rankings will be published at midnight on New Years Eve.

Congratulations to all for making the cut. 

Tune in New Years Eve to see the rankings and let’s all have a healthy, prosperous, and smokey 2017.